Thursday, December 20, 2007

J.G.Ballard's Unlimited Dream Company


Robert Croma said...

Working wonderfully my end. And Ballard! My favourite. This is magnificent. Where's it from?
Fantastic that you've begun to vlog. Really great.

I'll link to Ommane on my vlog.
: )

Jay Dedman said...

Sam! Ive never seen Ballard speak in person. very cool.

Let me know if you have trouble finding the flash version which will play more smoothly.

Also, how did you get your photos on the sidebar to dynamically change like that?

Sam said...

Thanks robert.

Jay - in blogger there is a new page element called "slidshow" I linked this to my flickr page and that is what is dynamically changing the photos. Thanks for your help.

Rupert said...

This is fantastic.
Long time since I read Ballard.
It's quite amazing how 1983 here looks like a completely different era.
Love the feather portrait - incredible and surprising, the way you think it's going to be a lot vaguer than it actually turns out to be, right at the end.
So much good stuff here. The Yes/No test - like Blade Runner, weirdly - is fantastic, holding and zooming for so long, and so steadily.
And all the images throughout - from the junkyard portrait to the sand spiral... brilliant.

I knew he was in Shepperton, and used to want to go looking for his house when I was cutting films there - but assumed he was a real recluse, for some reason. I never imagined him doing a filmed interview. Let alone such a personal and artistic interview.
Great great stuff.
Thanks a lot.
And you've signed up for Semanal - I hope this means you'll be making weekly films this year...( even if they have to be a bit shorter and less elaborate than this!).